Where can i get liquid mercury?

You cannot per say buy liquid mercury as just a normal consumer.

Why would you?

Unless you are a chemist an engineer who deals in hydraulics or a gold miner you would never actually need to use liquid mercury for anything.

Okay if you are so bent getting mercury there are sources online to get this illusive metal.

Liquid Mercury at home

Liquid mercury is found in many household appliances

Thermometers , thermostats , some power breakers , barometers, and other meters often contain liquid mercury. Lighting such as light bulbs, antiques like mercury clocks, and small batteries with mercury. I am not implying for you to buy a large number of them and breaking it open to extract the mercury , it would cost a fortune and be unwise as it can cause a leak or a spill.


Some websites like chemistry websites sell liquid mercury in small quantities for use in lab experiments usually regarding temperature and solvency of metals.


Websites like asiamercury.com also sell the largest amounts of liquid mercury in bulk however usually customers will be engineering factories or gold mines.


Here are some steps you can take to locate liquid mercury in your home


Liquid Mercury in Old Thermometers. Thermometers before 1990s usually use mercury as a indicator for the temperature , since mercury has a low boiling point and stays liquid at room temperature it expands and contracts due to heat or cold.

Air Checking Barometers. Air pressure barometers that are old usually use liquid mercury. Look for a silvery-white liquid inside the central tube of the barometer.[3]

Gas ovens. A sensor called Gas shut valve,are used in ovens, furnaces, and water heaters to shut of gas emission of there is no flame or heat. There is mercury inside these shut switches

Check other gauges and meters.

. Gauges containing liquid mercury

  • esophageal dilators, bougie tubes, or gastrointestinal tubes

  • flow meters

  • hydrometers

  • Psychrometers

  • manometers

  • pyrometers

CFL Bulbs. Compact fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury as well , check the packaging which the bulbs come in to determine if there is liquid mercury used in the production process usually there is no more than 4mg of mercury used.